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The following Terms of Service refer to the website for free use of JustWebmMail.es, hereinafter "JustWebmMail", based on the url  http://justwebmail.com/

JustWebmMail is also committed to protecting your privacy. Read our privacy policy by following this link   http://justwebmail.es/politica-de-privacidad  

Terms of service for JustWebmMail mobile applications for Android and iOS available here  http://justwebmail.es/terminos-de-servicio

By using this service, you agree to the following terms. JustWebmMail makes no guarantee of reliability or fitness for any purpose. Its availability or existence can be eliminated at any time by its owners. Any email sent through JustWebmMail may or may not be available for viewing, may be altered, and is immediately viewable by ANY user of the system. You agree to access JustWebmMail data only through the JustWebmMail website.

The JustWebmMail feature is free , but additional features are available such as temporary, email, disposable, mail, email address.

You agree not to use JustWebmMail directly or indirectly for any illegal purpose. You agree that any email you send to JustWebmMail or emails that induce other sites / people to send will become public domain once in the JustWebmMail system with no expectation of privacy for the email content.

You agree not to use the public JustWebmMail system to receive, store or view emails containing private or confidential information. You understand that JustWebmMail has no control over the material deposited in mailboxes. 

You agree to hold JustWebmMail harmless from any damage caused by loss of emails, content within emails, damage to your computer (or innocence) from viewing emails, direct or indirect use of this system.

JustWebmMail is still a disposable temporary email service and not a fully functional traditional email software. 


With the free version of JustWebmMail , you can:  

  • Get access to the list of free domains;
  • Generate a new email address instantly;  
  • Copy to clipboard or use a QR code; 
  • Change email names;
  • Receive emails and attachments automatically;
  • Receive browser notifications of new emails;
  • Read incoming emails, including attachments;
  • Quickly delete and / or generate new email addresses;

JustWebmMail reserves the right to change Subscription pricing terms at any time and JustWebmMail will notify you prior to such changes taking effect. Changes to pricing terms will not apply retroactively and will only apply to Subscription renewals after such changes to pricing terms have been communicated to you. If you do not agree to the changes to the JustWebmMail pricing terms, you can choose not to renew your Subscription. 

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